i'm sad and can't afford proper therapy so i made this tumblr instead

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yesterday seemed so surreal. imagine you’re standing in the city streets with your old crush, and you’re listening to country music on your way home, it’s a two hour long trip in the quiet night. you’re both a bit tipsy, sharing a disgusting lukewarm can of beer with an aftertaste of dirty water but you both don’t give a shit. it’s 3am and you begin to share your 3am thoughts - your crush starts to talk about his daddy issues, and you’re just like “damn that sucks i’m sorry dude” and his arm is casually wrapped around your shoulders. you’re just walking, talking, and you’ve never been this close before, like, he’s just holding you and you’re letting him like it’s completely natural. and then when you arrive home, you just both stand there for an hour. your faces are really close. he’s looking at your lips, you notice, and you kinda want it, you kinda want him to kiss you, but at the same time you’re afraid it’ll ruin the moment. so your glance shies away and you feel forced to break the silence by stating something completely irrelevant like “damn i need to pee so freaking bad”.
and he suddenly tells you “i’m gonna go home and sleep now” and he lets you stand there and you feel sleepy too and you still need to pee because when you’re drunk you always have to pee.

and you feel like you’ve just walked out of a 3 hour long date and it’s confusing as fuck. at the end of the day nothing happened but something happened. stupid drunk teenagers happened. and it felt so eerie. so bizarre. so good.



remember when you could annotations to other people’s videos







Shud I skip class?

The Black death is a devastating pandemic that killed with an estimate of 15,000,000 people in Europe


You wouldn’t be confused if you didn’t skip classes.



The whole story summarized in 3 words


I am not against women rights, but I think it’s ridiculous if people call themself feminists, while they only give a shit about themself, without caring a little bit for women AND men who actually live a hard life. I am not oppressed.

Heterosexuality is Stockholm Syndrome





No it’s not Stockholm Syndrome

They just don’t want to eat your rancid twat. Deal with it, you lonely miserable bint. 

Yeah OP thanks for comparing a sexuality to a serious mental disorder making it look like a joke

also again applying that all girls are lesbians and once again making lesbians look like a joke as well

~the black one


blossom you peice of shit